Interview with Tom Ingegno, L.Ac., owner of Charm City Integrative Health

Charm City Integrative Health Baltimore Runners.jpg

I had a chance to sit down with Tom Ingengo, L.Ac., owner of Charm City Integrative Health, to discuss with him why he decided to open his wellness practice.

Q: When you think about your "perfect" patient, who is it that you are really trying to reach?

A:  All of our services are aimed at treating the whole person and resetting the system.  While this is beneficial to everyone, we really hit it out of the park with two groups of people in particular. 

The first group is athletes - everyone from professionals to weekend warriors.  Knocking down inflammation can not only make them train harder but also recover much faster.  Physically active people notice pretty quickly that we are helping to shave time off their pace, increase muscle strength, and decrease recovery time.

The next group of people we can really help is those with chronic illness and injury.  Everything from old injuries to autoimmune issues, to chronic infections, cause inflammatory responses in the body.  Getting more oxygen to tissue, moving blood and lymph more efficiently and relieving pain helps the body normalize function and can make a huge difference in peoples lives. 

Q: Specifically what information do you want to share with them?

A: Healthcare must be an ongoing multifaceted approach that is put together from various sources.  No magic pill exists and there is no one right way to heal for everyone.  We suggest using our therapies as part of an overall care plan which can increase and decrease as you need it.  This coupled with a good clean diet and moderate exercise can really pay off in dividends as we age.  We have a solid team of healthcare professionals that are focused not only on your illnesses, but your wellness-care can help you go far.

Pamela Saunders