Our Kriosan local unit is the top of the line and provides patients with fast local relief of inflammation and pain in individual joints.  It streams a highly concentrated, targeted, blast of cold directly over a specific area of pain and inflammation. It offers therapeutic and recuperative modalities for physical improvement and reduced recovery time.


Local Cryotherapy for Joint Pain and Inflammation

Our Kriosan allows for pinpoint, targeted application of cryotherapy, similar to but more effective and faster than the application of ice packs

We can target individual joints or areas that have pain and swelling with a stream of super cooled air.

Local cryotherapy treatments can be combined with whole body treatments to double up on specific areas of pain.  However,  if you have health concerns that prohibit whole body cryotherapy or you just want to focus in on a specific area, local cryotherapy is a great choice for quick relief.  This procedure can also be performed on the head and scalp for quick relief of headaches and migraines.

The procedure only lasts a few minutes depending on the size of the joint and feels more like a cold breeze even though the temperature of the air is around -256 F.  During that time the joint or area is “painted” in a circular motion with air cooled with liquid nitrogen.   It is possible to see improvement in range of motion and reduction in pain within one session, but we do stress it is a therapy and we can discuss frequency of treatments based on your individual needs.  

CryoLift Facials

The CryoLift facial applied to the face and neck, it can decrease pore size, reduce puffiness and stimulate collagen production and bring about a more even toned appearance.  For roughly 12 minutes we concentrate on you neck and jawline, fine lines and crow’s feet.   Overlapping circles of cold air feel like the wind when downhill skiing on a winter’s day, both refreshing and invigorating.  

Some people may notice improvement in circulation and appearance in one treatment.  However, 10-12 treatments at 2-3 times per week are recommended in order to achieve maximum results.