Meet Our Team


Michelle Shaw, LMT

Michelle Shaw has been practicing therapeutic massage therapy for over 13 years. Originally from Wyoming, she attended the Baltimore School of Massage in 2002 and has been practicing in the area ever since. Michelle specializes in the treatment of pain and discomfort resulting from sports, athletic, and work-related activities. Utilizing deep-tissue, cupping, and Thai massage techniques, Michelle will develop a focused treatment program that meets your specific rehabilitation needs.

Michelle is also trained to administer and monitor other therapeutic treatments including cryotherapy, salt therapy, and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Ana Goldseker

Ana Goldseker, CNC is the owner of Mindful Nutrition and the Director of Nutrition of NAVA Health and Vitality. She has written a cookbook and book on nutrition. Ana believes the food is at the core of how one feels. When you eat in line with what your body needs, you will thrive. It is not about restriction or calorie counting, it is eating for hormonal balance, alkaline effect and overall wellness. Ana helps people figure out a food plan that is right for them.

Ana helps her clients to have access to the right foods and recipes to help them achieve their goals. She teaches how incorporate more whole foods into your diet and eliminate refined and highly processed food.

Having gone through her own health and weight issues early in her teens and learning how to heal herself, Ana decided to turn what she learned into her life’s work.

By using humor, and knowing that everything is just a choice, they take you step by step through making the transition, they are able to achieve measurable results.

Ann Smith, MSW, LCSW‐C

Ann has over 16 years of psychotherapy and clinical social work experience with adults. She has worked in outpatient psychiatry settings, employee assistance programs, counseling centers at local universities, and in private practice settings. Ann currently works with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, as well as those who are struggling through phase of life transitions, such as separation, divorce, college student adjustment and career/professional stress. She is also sensitive and skilled in assisting clients through their recovery from trauma, substance use, and eating/body image disturbance. Ann is also experienced with and affirming in working with LGBTQ concerns.

Ann assists her clients with a non‐judgmental approach to build self‐awareness, identify strengths and promote self‐esteem, and by encouraging compassion for one self. She utilizes therapy modalities including Humanistic, Cognitive‐Behavioral (CBT), psychodynamic and principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). In addition, Ann incorporates Mindfulness‐Based practices for stress reduction and symptom relief (for anxiety and depression), has completed 2 MBSR classes as a participant, and a professional practicum in MBSR, 2014. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Social Work (1995) and of UMBC (1992).

Aurora Raiten

Aurora Raiten trained at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NYC and has been in practice in Maryland since 2010. Her work reflects a special interest in helping to navigate chronic illness such as Lyme disease, other vector-borne diseases and associated co-infections. As a competitive Muay Thai fighter, she understands the drive of athletes of all levels to remain in the game and has developed skill in rehabilitating injuries and improving endurance. Aurora is also a birth doula, and enjoys using all of her skills in working with women and men throughout the reproductive cycle and in supporting families of all kinds with fertility, pregnancy, and birth. She believes strongly in the wisdom of the body and strives to create a space where patients feel empowered to find health and home in themselves in their own way. Aurora can be reached at: