Meet Cailtin

Caitlin Self graduated with her MS in Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She completed her internship hours at the Natural Care Clinic in Laurel, MD, and at Nourishing Abundance in Frederick, MD where she worked with women’s hormonal health and metabolic health, as well as at Ellicott City Health and Fitness, where she focused on sports nutrition. She also spearheaded children’s health programs in both Howard County and Baltimore City, and is a passionate advocate for women’s health in Baltimore City, running workshops and seminars to enhance a patient’s agency in their own health outcomes.

Caitlin’s approach is personalized and unique and she doesn’t agree with one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations. Instead, she works with clients to take realistic steps to create lifelong health. The food-first approach helps you enjoy rather than restrict, and leaves plenty of space for creativity. Contact us to join Caitlin's wait list to schedule your first Functional Nutrition appointment!

Nutritional Counseling- Initial Session* 
1 hour 30 minutes @ $160.00
Nutritional Counseling-Follow Up* 
1 hour @ $100.00
• Members: Members receive 1 hour per month at $75 per month (added on to the membership fee).

Nutritional Counseling

 When you eat in line with what your body needs, you will thrive. It is not about restriction or calorie counting, it is eating for hormonal balance, alkaline effect and overall wellness.

Good nutrition is at the basis of wellness.  Everything starts with food.  If you are eating toxic foods that create acidity and inflammation the results could be quite disastrous.  You can medicate the symptoms, but you will never heal.  Whole real foods, that are in as natural and as unrefined state as possible create a natural detox in the system and alleviation from inflammation.  When you are eating foods that balance your system, there is less overeating, fewer cravings and less extreme eating overall.  Learning to eat in line with your goals and how to incorporate new habits is what a coaching session is all about.  Book now, start feeling better and get the vitality you so want and need.


• Transition to a healthier way of eating
• Reduce inflammation
• Weight loss
• Heal body from toxic refined foods
• Increase energy         
• Reduce Stress
• Improve wellness and longevity
• Learn about balanced, whole food eating, and meal planning
• Reduce diet confusion