Pricing and Packages

We offer single sessions for all our therapies and services, however we strongly suggest to get the maximum benefit from any of our treatments that patients follow a treatment plan. To make it easier and more cost effective to get the treatment you need we offer several different packages for Whole Body Cyrotherapy, LIVE O2/EWOT, and Salt Therapy 

***We do accept most insurances for acupuncture and clinical counseling and because of this cannot offer discounts or packages on those sessions.***

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Only $99 per month for 3 treatments! 
ANY Combo: Whole Body Cryo, Salt, Red Light or Oxygen Therapy
No Contracts/No Commitments
PLUS enjoy 20% off our Premium Therapies including Acupuncture, Massage, and Cupping

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Whole Body Cryo ($55)
Live O2/EWOT ($55)
Red Light Therapy ($45)
$155 Value ONLY $99

Salt Therapy ($45)
Live O2 ($55)
Acupuncture ($100 - $175)
$250 Value ONLY $179

Whole Body Cryo ($55)
Cupping Therapy ($60)
Red Light Therapy ($45)
60 Minute Massage ($90)
$250 Value ONLY $199

Whole Body Cryo ($55)
Red Light Therapy ($45)
Cup Of Coffee ($5)
$105 Value ONLY $79

Services MUST be administered on the same day.
If using insurance, you may be able to deduct acupuncture costs.

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We proudly offer a 10% discount on Cryotherapy and Salt Therapy for the following people:
• Active Military
• Veterans
• First Responders


Whole Body Cryotherapy

1 Session $55
5 Sessions $249
10 Sessions $399

Click here for more info on Cryotherapy


Salt Therapy 

1 Session $45
5 Sessions $139
10 Sessions $249

Click here for more information about Salt Therapy



Initial Session $175
Follow Up $100

Click here for more information on Acupuncture

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Therapeutic Massage

60 Minutes $90
90 Minutes $130

Click here for more information on Therapeutic Massage